23 Jul 2024 12:35
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  • Edit your NZCity Personal Start Page

    Problems with retaining Personalisation

    Occasionally NZCity Personal Start Page users have reported problems with the retention of their personalisation settings. There are a number of reasons that this can occur, and by taking the following steps to identify and resolve them, you can expect to enjoy trouble-free use of your Personal Start Page once again:

    If you have entered your email and password in the Personalisation section, you can recover your settings by clicking on the recover settings link in the personalisation page, and this should bring back all your settings.

    If you have never entered your email and a password, or you're still having problems, please read on...

    How Your Personal Start Page Works

    The way personalisation works is that when you visit our site we give you a cookie, which is a small piece of data stored by your web browser. Whenever you return to your NZCity Personal Start Page your browser gives your cookie back and we are able to retrieve all your settings from a database. If for any reason your browser cannot locate this cookie, NZCity cannot identify your browser, and so cannot load your settings from our database.

    There are several ways you can 'lose' cookies.

    • the most common is using a proxy server that does not support cookies properly. (e.g.. accessing your Start Page from within a company network). 
      To resolve this you need to disable your browser's proxy server settings.  Please refer to your browser's help index, searching for the word "proxy".  If you're accessing the web through a company network, ask your network administrator to read this and advise you.
    • the second is that the cookie has been deleted somehow:
    • either by disabling cookies,
      Please click here for more information on eliminating this possibility
    • by your using a "cookie muncher" (a program that deletes cookies after browsing),
      To retain your Personal Start Page settings you need to omit from the list of cookies that are 'munched'. Refer to your software's help for more information.
    • by deleting your temporary internet files manually - this will delete the NZCity cookie file.
      To retain your Personal Start Page settings you need to make sure you don't delete the cookie file associated with To be 100% sure, don't delete any cookie files at all.

    Why use Cookies, anyway?

    Unfortunately on the web the only other personalisation option is to have people log in every time they visit the page, which most people agree is not a suitable solution. It is the same scenario for any Web page with personalisation facilities on the internet.

    If you're still having problems...

    In very rare circumstances, we have heard of cases where our personalisation files can become corrupt, and while we are developing technology to make it repair itself, currently we recommend restarting your page by visiting the following page:

    If you continue to experience personalisation problems please contact NZCity via the contact form and we will do our best to resolve any issues you may have.

    We recommend you use the latest New Zealand version of Internet Explorer

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