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26 Jul 2024 6:56
NZSE Equity Listing
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  •  Primary Sector at close yesterday  26 Jul 2024
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    Agriculture & Fishing - yesterday's close relative to previous
     Stock Name Close High Low Open Vol(k) +/- % Ch.
    Add AFF to your Personal PortfolioAffco Holdings36c 0c 0c 36c  ---
    Add CED to your Personal PortfolioCedenco$2.30 $2.30 $2.30 $2.30  ---
    Add DBN to your Personal PortfolioDairy Brands66c 66c 66c 66c  ---
    Add GRC to your Personal PortfolioGrocorp Pacific11c 11c 11c 11c  ---
    Add REI to your Personal PortfolioReid Farmers$1.21 $1.23 $1.21 $1.21  ---
    Add SAN to your Personal PortfolioSanford Ltd (NS)$4.19 $4.18 $4.10 $4.19  2--
    Add SFH to your Personal PortfolioSeafresh Fisheries2.8c 2.8c 2.8c 2.8c  ---
    Add TAS to your Personal PortfolioTasman Agriculture$1.75 $1.75 $1.75 $1.75  ---
    Add WKL to your Personal PortfolioWilliams & Kettle$4.41 $4.41 $4.41 $4.41  ---
    Add WRI to your Personal PortfolioWrightson (ref PGW)$2.44 $2.44 $2.44 $2.44  ---

    Building Materials & Construction - yesterday's close relative to previous
     Stock Name Close High Low Open Vol(k) +/- % Ch.
    Add FLB to your Personal PortfolioFletcher Building (ref. FBU)$2.25 $2.26 $2.13 $2.25  ---
    Add NPX to your Personal PortfolioNuplex Industries$5.45 $5.45 $5.45 $5.45  ---
    Add STU to your Personal PortfolioSteel & Tube Holdings Ltd95c 96c 93c 95c  70--

    Forestry & Forest Products - yesterday's close relative to previous
     Stock Name Close High Low Open Vol(k) +/- % Ch.
    Add CAH to your Personal PortfolioCarter Holt Harvey$2.74 $2.74 $2.74 $2.74  ---
    Add EVF to your Personal PortfolioEvergreen Forest32c 32c 32c 32c  ---
    Add FFS to your Personal PortfolioFletcher Forests$1.33 $1.34 $1.33 $1.33  ---
    Add FLP to your Personal PortfolioFletcher Paper$2.50 0c 0c $2.50  ---
    Add NUH to your Personal PortfolioNuhaka Farm Forestry2.1c 2.1c 2.1c 2.1c  ---

    Mining - yesterday's close relative to previous
     Stock Name Close High Low Open Vol(k) +/- % Ch.
    Add HGD to your Personal PortfolioHeritage Gold1.8c 1.8c 1.8c 1.8c  100--
    Add NOG to your Personal PortfolioNZ Oil & Gas (ref NZO)97c 98c 97c 97c  ---
    Add NOGOB to your Personal PortfolioNZ Oil & Gas Options 31/10/01 $0.700.1c 0.1c 0.1c 0.1c  ---
    Add OTROA to your Personal PortfolioOtter Gold 31/10/01 Options0.1c 0.1c 0.1c 0.1c  ---
    Add OTR to your Personal PortfolioOtter Gold Mines29c 29c 29c 29c  ---
    Add RVS to your Personal PortfolioRevesco$1.15 $1.15 $1.15 $1.15  ---
    Add SPE to your Personal PortfolioSpectrum Resources15c 15c 14c 15c  ---
    Add SMM to your Personal PortfolioSummit Resources$3.90 $3.90 $3.90 $3.90  ---

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